Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Spring Is Here... Or Is It?

I remember when I was younger, running outside in the springtime waiting to climb into the car for school. While I waited, I anxiously combed through our yard for dandelions (now a days death to anyone's lawn). Growing up, I learned this was a sure tell tale sign Spring was here... Unfortunately, as much as Michael calls dandelions a weed (and fights to keep them at bay), I don't see these yellow bursts of color coming anytime soon.

Which highlights another topic of ours that hasn't been blooming much lately. We haven't received much word that things have been moving - though we continue to keep chugging along.

Though there is a possiblity of snow today (yes for those not in our local area you read it correctly), my orchids have been having the time of their life. The picture above simply does not do it justice. And though I see no signs of spring in my yard yet (though my neighbor has some) I can always count on my blooms on my kitchen sink. I may not have a green thumb - but I am able to make these babies thrive!

We've been keeping busy here. "Daddy" just had a birthday and his spring break all rolled up into one. Hayden's spring break will be this following week. Birthday parties galore and weekends filled with play practice. I can now tell you Hayden is vibrantly singing most all the words on his 101 "Dog" CD and requests it frequently. (Yeah mom!)

Speaking of Hayden, my little boy is growing up. We are so proud of him and excited to share the news of him attending a Reg Ed 1st grade class next year (with an I.E.P). He is also most excited. He woke us up this morning all roaring to go. He dressed himself and even put the toothpaste on the toothbrush (the later took some coaxing). The fact that he didn't need us to tell him blew us away.
And more on the growing up front... Hayden will be turning 6 in a couple weeks. Invites are mailed and party supplies, etc. are being planned as we type. Too bad he grew out of the simple stuff, like trains and cars.

A funny quip from a still 5 year old... We are driving in the car - the 3 of us, Michael and I talking, and as usual, Hayden butting in. This is our everyday occurrence. It gets frustrating after awhile. So we tell Hayden that Mommy and Daddy are talking and he needs to wait his turn, to take a break from talking. He answers back... "But I love talking!" LOL
Now, anyone who knows Hayden would understand he didn't talk until 3 years old (ish) and once he did he popped like a firecracker and hasn't stopped since. So for him to make a remark like this shouldn't have come to us as a surprise.... but it did.

Hayden managed to stay pretty healthy the past couple of weeks. Though Michael and I caught the stomach flu, we were lucky enough that Hayden didn't catch it. However, shortly after the stomach bug, Mommy mysteriously caught strep throat. We are all crossing our fingers that that one stays out of harms way for everyone else.

That's it for now. We are anxiously awaiting spring, tooth #2 to fall out, and Hayden's birthday (Mommy secretly wants summer so Daddy can be home and give her a much needed break). I could sit here all day and list things. ;) 0 comments

February Ends With a Bang

Michael got his car back a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier. That doesn't mean you won't hear him complain about it though. ;) Conveniently, he lost his front license plate in the accident. And instead of going to a currency exchange and being charged a huge fee to get new ones, the "car shop" guy recommended going to the DMV and asking for plates. What a weird, yet bright idea! So, on a busy Saturday morning (before Hayden's play practice), Michael moseys on up there and stands in what he thought would be an hour wait at least. Before no time, he paid $26 to get replacement plates (after explaining he was in an accident) and was home in a jiffy, back in time to watch Hay get ready for play practice.

Hayden is sooo excited about his 101 "Dog" play. (I don't like to name drop.) We listen to the practice music EVERY TIME we are the car and now even Mom knows the lyrics. Yeah ME! He was casted for the roles, Yes ROLES of a policeman and a boxer dog. I don't quite know how that will work or his lines exactly as the director mentioned changing the script to accommodate everyone. Either way, Hayden is happy and that's all that matters.

The last week of February we had the stomach bug visit our house. Michael got it first, then me. I am the weaker of the 2 (i.e. stomach) and have been testing my limits with real food and it hasn't been going over very well. So yesterday I went back to the B.R.A.T. diet I loath so much and finally had a good night sleep. We will see what the day holds. I could really use some real food! Thankfully Hayden has NOT gotten this bug - yet. If he does, I'm in big trouble.

Adoption news. Last week there was nothing to report, we try to keep everyone updated about what's going on when it happens. With that, I do have something to share today. Good or bad, you never know these days. The "big" meeting has been delayed until March 31st so we won't know anything for a few weeks.
First of all, for those families that do have referrals (not us) paperwork 6 months and over has to be updated. More time and money paid out. :(
Second, here is a copied and pasted update from our latest agency email:

March 3, 2009 - Joint Council is pleased to confirm that U.S. Embassy officials in Kyrgyzstan met late last week with the Vice Prime Ministers Office regarding the 65 in-process intercountry adoption cases and the future of intercountry adoptions from Kyrgyzstan. At this time Joint Council cannot confirm the exact contents of the conversation.

Further, we can confirm that police investigations are occurring in Kyrgyzstan in regards to accusations surrounding child buying for intercountry adoption. No further information on this subject is available at this time. As soon as more information is available Joint Council will release it on our website.

While being sick this weekend and stuck on the couch I had the pleasure of watching a certain "women's TV channel". I ended up watching numerous sappy films about teenagers getting pregnant, teenagers wanting to get married... but the one that stands out ironically is the one where these parents were helping the cops catch a man selling babies. Hmmm, who knew.

Now onto March, filled with birthdays (cousin Kathleen turns 4!!, Daddy, Papa, and Uncle Joe), play practices and who knows what else. I'm hoping for warmer weather. Though I've been saying that for a while now - waiting at the bus stop really puts the chills in ya!

So now that I've been interrupted typing this at least 12 times, I will update more later as news comes available... or if I'm bored. ;) 1 comments