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Starting From Scratch... well, kinda

It's been quite a whirlwind around here the last couple of weeks. Easter came and went, a birthday was celebrated. And now we gear up for Hayden's 101 Dalmatian play.

It's hard to believe my little boy turned 6 years old. And in celebration of his fantastic day - I created a music video (thanks to to show just how much fun he had. I can't get past the fact that 6 years ago nurses were jumping on top of me trying to get this stubborn child to come into the world. Six years later - he is still just as stubborn, if not more, and just as happy!

Besides that, we have been working on paperwork. Monday morning we had our caseworker from our homestudy agency come and to do an update. In addition to the forms we are filling out - nothing new is going on in the adoption world - which is a good thing. Quite frankly we are glad we made the switch as the corruption in Kyrgyz continues and sounds worse with every update. I just wish we would have switched sooner.

On a happier note... Easter, more birthday and April Fool's pics are posted on the right column. We hope you enjoy! 1 comments

Heading Down a Different Path

When Michael and I first started our research, the "Stan" countries were ones definitely on our list. Uzbekistan, was once a choice and has since closed and not reopened (least not to my current knowledge). These countries gave us the flexibility of adopting a child of an Asian decent without the strict rules and wait that China has a huge rep for. With more research, came more setbacks... travel time being too long for example. In addition this put Kazakhstan as a country to "fall back on" - not that we ever thought we would need to.

With that, life always seems to toss us a curve ball. The beautiful, yet industrial feeling on my laundry room ceiling proves this. A tiny leak can cause major stress. The ever so leaning backyard fence that may yet again have to wait another year to be replaced. The kitchen appliances that I am surprised have not keeled over or sparked. It just never seems to fail or surprise me that something is always going on in the "V" household.

Enough of my moaning and more on where our baby girl is coming from and what all entails:
For more country info, head to WIKI... I love this site for a quick history lesson.

To start, Kazakhstan is different from Kyrgyzstan. (As you can see our blogs weather, time and map has now been changed to reflect this.) This country is significantly larger, wealthier and more tourist friendly. Not that Kyrgyzstan wasn't... but from what I've read/understand they are still old-fashioned. Kazakhstan is more populated, hence more people.

In regards to a referral, Kazakhstan is completely different. We will meet our child after we travel to the country once our dossier has been approved/processed. There we will spend about 15 days (at least) during the bonding period and either wait for our court date or return home and then come back again for the 2nd trip to go to court. Once we have been to court, we wait to hear word that our daughter is officially ours and we are able to go back to get her... or we can choose an escort to pick her up.

Here's the fun part. Since we are switching countries, we get to do our dossier papers all over again!!!! YEAH! So much fun. Back to the doctor, another round of finger prints, and more notarizing. We also need an update visit for our home study.

In the end, we hope changing directions benefits us as we truly weren't sure if and when Kyrgyzstan was going to move. Deep down it's heartbreaking and I personally feel like I am losing something by letting go. I'm sure over time it will heal... 4 comments

Are You Calling God?

On our way home from therapy this morning Hayden and I were discussing the important phone call that Daddy and I were going to receive about baby sister. He was under strict instruction to go downstairs, have lunch, watch a movie and be hush hush. Of course... a curious 5 (almost 6) year old wants to know why. So I explain to him that Mommy & Daddy need to talk about baby sister. Somehow out of the blue, Hayden drops the God comment on me... I didn't know whether to laugh (which I did) or hit the breaks and pull over the car for a discussion about God making phone calls.

Anyhoo... it was quite sweet and humorous to hear Hayden say later that he is going to pray for baby sister. You and I both kiddo. Which brings me to the big news. This time last year we thought we would have a girlie bundle of joy to welcome to our family and friends. It just won't happen soon enough. Unfortunately with the shake up in Kyrgyzstan there is no promise when (or if) the process will start picking up again for anyone who did not receive a referral.

With that, Michael and I have mentioned switching countries, thought about it back and forth, and today received the information we needed to make our final decision.
Kazakhstan here we come.

Travel will be hard, but our daughter will be worth it. We know she will be worth the wait.

More news coming soon.
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