Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Watching Life Fly By

Lately I have found myself in a unique situation and wish I had my regular camera on hand. This instant was one of those times. I have never really been into photography, but for some reason I looked out the window that evening and a little voice told me I needed to "capture" this moment. Whether it was to make a memory of the beautiful sunset or the tree line, I knew it needed to be remembered. I tend to look at this picture as life flying by - what was in the mirror was the past.
On a recent family outing... Michael was driving my car. I saw this beautiful moment in time and grabbed my cell phone, turned on the camera feature and clicked. Though it didn't turn out as best as I had wished... I think it still gets my point across.
Ironically, Hayden has just grasped the concept of past, present, and future... *hehehe*

With that, a lot of time has gone by since our last post. Unfortunately there has been no news on the adoption.

Hayden is doing awesome in school! He has come home with several 100% on his spelling, math and high frequency/comprehension tests. We are so proud of him that he can balance school, therapies AND Beauty and the Beast. He is an example of an energizer bunny. ;) 0 comments