Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

The Windy City

Unfortunately since Hayden has gone back to school, in conjunction with his therapies, I haven't had much time to blog. I am amazed I know what day it is. Thankfully however, Hayden is in kindergarten, thus keeping me on my toes and sharpening my alphabet. ;)

This brings me to the tale of our wonderful adventure to downtown Chicago. Though it happened a few weeks ago, it's still an important day to mark on our calendar towards the movement of bringing Baby V home. With all our papers for the dossier notarized, we needed to head to the Secretary of State (in Chicago on State St.) to get these documents certified. So we had Michael's dad help get Hayden to the school bus and back while we trekked to the Metra. What we didn't know that morning was we should have brought a map. Once we arrived, we were informed by the Sec. of State that 3 forms in our dossier needed cover letters and needed to be notarized 1st (we had originally included them with other forms). So, to not waste the trip, we asked where the nearest bank was - for a notary. That only solved half our problem. We still needed to find a computer and a printer. (Something in my head told me to bring my handy dandy laptop, but I ignored it). Me being the techie one in the marriage, immediately thought FedEx Kinkos... I was sure there had to be one somewhere downtown. So we just started asking anyone we encountered.

Once we made it to a Kinkos, we were only to be disappointed again to hear they didn't have public computers... but rest assured there was another one in walking distance that did. So we walked some more. We eventually found it (managing to not take a cab) and had to wait. Three men were using all the computers and how thoughtful - 2 of them were checking their email! I could have screamed. We eventually got three cover letters printed and were off to a notary. None at a nearby currency exchange, but as we walked by the original Kinkos (being told they may have one) we thought to give it a shot. We headed in and quickly headed out and walked as fast as we could BACK to the Sec. of State for certification.

Now missing several trains and having to wait until the 3:55pm train to head home, we were saddened to not be able to get home in time to get Hayden off the bus. Being gone since 11am we had one whirlwind of a day Downtown. And boy did my feet hurt!

For a more recent update - we are keeping a close eye on the mail. We need one more form (our 171-H) for our dossier, a form that usually takes a while to come in. Once it does come in we can send it off to Springfield and have it certified (or make another trip Downtown LOL). Either way we have been in contact with our agency to see where exactly we are in the process, other than waiting. Technically until they receive all of our dossier we can't move up to the 2nd stage... However, we are crossing our fingers and praying that the 5 families ahead of us receive their referrals fast. If we happen to be next in line before all of our dossier is in to get a referral (pictures, medical information, etc. of Baby V), we may get that referral.

Yes this may be confusing. It is even frustrating at times. But we just need to trust that it will happen when the time is right. 0 comments

It's That Time of Year

It's been a wonderful week back, and yes I am being sarcastic. During the weekend we had to "overcome" Hayden leaving his Spiderman gymmies at school (long story) in trade for his school gym shoes. This week he lost his umbrella even though mom told him not to bring it (one of those battles not worth fighting). Lastly, his new H2O bottle leaked all over his backpack getting his shirt and pants wet at school. Luckily teacher said he was NOT the least bit affected and to not worry about it.

Today is proving to be no better. Mints, our middle and largest cat managed to get into something her big tummy shouldn't have. I have been cleaning up after her all week and today has been no vacation! We believe she may have gotten into my artificial fruit on the bottom shelf on the kitchen island - totally in kitty reach.

And that brings us to tonights event and the week isn't over: Michael's "Back to School Night". This event (and sometimes Graduation) happens every year and usually brings Daddy home after Hayden is in bed (long day for all of us). But mostly hard on Hayden as he is still trying to understand the concept of work. In the years past we have met Daddy at work beforehand and had dinner. We will see if we can swing it tonight - though with school and traffic and gas cost it may just prove easier to stay home. :(

To put the bounce back in my step we are the proud owners of 5 new huge brown boxes - in our garage. Actually this is Baby V's furniture. All of which has to be put together. I'm not thrilled about spending countless hours assembling, but the thought of the room on it's way brings a smile to my face.

More later...

We Would Like To Introduce...

From reading the last post, you can gather I am talking about my new sister in law, Kristen.
My brother Paul and Kristen have been dating for several years and definately compliment each other. I am very proud to have stood up in their wedding.... and also to have Hayden in their wedding. He was 1 of 2 ringbearers, but being my son - was the most handsome one there.
We just want to say congratulations and many years of bliss!

Viewing the pictures to the right you will see a collection of end of the summer fun. We visited Discovery World in Milwaukee shortly before Michael started school, took pictures of Hayden at his soccer lessons (in between takes of him being happy and sad - he has trouble with understanding he can't always win, get the ball, etc.) And then there's the wedding. Besides for the beautiful bride, Hayden was the best dressed (sorry Paul). He charmed the pants off everyone in the hall with his dancing skills. Posted are a few pictures of him dancing with my cousin's daughter. Who knew my son was such a ladies man!?! Let's just say he danced the night away - until he couldn't dance no more. Poor little guy ended up getting a tummy ache and once we got back it became apparent all the dancing and the long day wore him out. His tummy got the best of him.

All in all, it was a great day and we can't wait to see more pictures!


Lag Time

As I busily multi-task here, I want everyone to know we haven't forgotten about our family, friends and supporters who read our blog on a consistent basis. My younger brother Paul recently got married this past weekend (SOOO Surreal!) and things haven't quite gotten back on schedule.
With that I will be updating the blog in installments in the next few days to keep you posted on the upcoming events of our busy life.
Meanwhile, please view the pictures of our Handsome Hayden!
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