Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

It Moves Like A Snail

The week has gone by slowly, unlike the summer as a whole. It is already almost July and Michael is just about finished teaching summer school. Where the time goes I don't know, but still everyday I feel one step closer to our daughter coming home.

Last week we heard word from Nightlight that our International application has been received. Once we finish our interview for our homestudy (scheduled July 10th!!!) we can get started on our dossier with Nightlight. Michael and I now have 2 classes/4 hours under our belt for requirements. Last in person class coming the week after the 4th of July.

That week will be majorly busy. Besides having another Tuesday night with more than 2 dozen adults crammed into a tiny boiling room, I can think of other things to do - but if it brings Baby V home faster - I will do whatever it takes. For the rest of that week, we have the "boys" dental visits. We have regretfully not taken Hayden to the dentist yet and this will be his first time. Conveniently, daddy will go first to show son how things work. Since Michael has perfect teeth, I thought this was the better route to go. Next up, the homestudy... I can't even being to imagine the stress and anticipation we will be feeling that week until the moment of. I'm sure once it is all said and done I will need a drink (just kidding) or be suffering a migraine.

Then on July 14th (celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary!) we will be able to relax by taking a tour of Wrigley Field - my gift to hubby.

For the rest of this week we are celebrating my B-day (no I won't tell how many) and awaiting word to hear if we are approved for an adoption loan. This will cover the remainder of the fees and the cost of travel to Kyrgystan when the time comes. We are crossing our fingers and saying our prayers. Without this, Baby V may just end up being called "Credit Card Baby".

Next on our list - submiting our passport papers and our awful photos to go with them, and filling out and turning in more homestudy papers and the USCIS form.

Non adoption related:
Hayden's orange/racing bigwheel (seen in the slideshow above) broke and went to bike heaven. It was hard on him for several days - his way of coping was taking turns with the neighbor boy Ethan who owns the same model, just the Diego version. We knew this couldn't last forever. Hayden has always had some trouble with strenuous physical activity so we worried about getting him a bigger 2 wheeler (with training wheels of course) as it seems he is quickly outgrowing his current two-wheeler. Anyway, we bought him a new larger more sturdier big wheel for now and new training wheels for his soon to be to small 2 wheeler. We are hoping Hayden will feel more comfortable on his "big boy" bike with these new training wheels and by next spring/summer he will be ready for a bigger bike and can even show baby sister the ropes! 0 comments

Fugitives of the Law We Are Not

It's weird seeing on your bank statement a withdrawl from the FBI, but when you're adopting it's something to be happy about! Today in the mail we received two big brown letters from our fellow officers. Most people would be shaking in their boots or biting their fingernails - but not us! We are proud to annouce that the FBI has cleared us and stamped our fingerprints (whew! all that hard work!) stating we have "No Arrest Record". Well, duh... but now it's in ink! Can't get any more clear than that!

Secondly, most of our paperwork has been received by FRC on Tuesday (once again - lightning fast!, let's keep it up!) and informed us our case worker would be calling shortly. And she did! We set up our homestudy appointment for Thursday July 10th. She will ask us questions, talk with Hayden, see Baby V's room in addition to the rest of our house, etc. In addition, she advises we get a head start on all of our adoption requirement classes. The majority fall on a Tuesday and in the evening. We need 6 hours in person and the rest (I believe is 10) can be done online.

Next up, sending out the international app (yeah we still haven't gotten that one done) and the USCIS app.

Hayden's excited to start swimming lessons today - either it's because he gets to swim with his friend Jenny from Monkey group, wear his Speed Racer swim trunks, or the actual swimming part that he's excited about I'm not sure.

We've made several trips out to Ikea, as well as other stores and looking online (one of the things I do best - frugal online searching/shopping) for baby dressers. Suffice to say, Hayden's old dressers, once Michael's, won't hopefully have to be handed down a third time to Baby V. I couldn't bear painting them again.

Until next week - Happy Father's Day!!! 0 comments

Add 3 More to the List!

Just a quick post...
We scoured some baby name sites and came up with several more. Feel free to comment on these as well. :)

Arina or Irina (Michael is partial to the "A" spelling, I'm partial to the "I") - meaning PEACE

Kira - meaning DARK

Raina - pronounced just like it sounds - meaning QUEEN (*LOL*) 1 comments

The Name Game

Now that the first set of fun forms are completed, signed, sealed and mailed - we can start the nail biting. I opened a FedEx account late last week and made sure I dropped that stack of papers off ASAP. Hopefully we will be assigned a HomeStudy Agent by the end of next week, if not sooner and begin the intrusive yet necessary process.

On a happier note, we have officially begun the slow build-up of "girly" supplies. We got the pink hippo in the mail last week and was delighted by the squishy/softness. Next, we went shopping for Baby V's room. She MUST be styling in today's latest trends - pink and brown (and some green)! I chose the most darling fleece blanket at Baby Depot that had flowers and butterflies. I grabbed the matching prints and now have visions of wall colors dancing in my head. Next up - paint and curtains!

When Hayden was in "Mommy's tummy" we had several names picked out, like many parents do. If he was a girl, we most likely would have chosen the name Alexa Marie. On that note, some people have asked us about this topic. Will we be keeping Baby V's original name or changing it? The answer - yes and no. We plan on making her real name her middle name along with Marie and giving her a new first name.

However, lately I have been wondering if a name like Alexa (or Lexie for short) will fit our daughter. Part of me wonders if we should choose something more ethnic or Russian (part of their culture) to help Baby V keep some of her roots.

Either way, here are a few names we have thought about in addition to Alexa (means to defend men *LOL*).
Alexandra (means to protect)
Ariana (means very holy one - thanks Mom)
Anastasia (means resurrection)

Feel free to leave us ANY comments (even suggestions on names). We are big on nicknames, any name that can be shortened I believe shows love and endearment. I somehow always manage to pull one out of my hat, suprisingly we call Hayden "Hay" a lot. I'm sure one day he will hate us for it. ;) We ideally would love to have that same quality in a name for our daughter.

And as always, we thank everyone for their support with "ChipIn" and our Magazine Fundraiser. Please keep the magazines in mind if you need to renew, buy a gift subscription or just want to donate. Have a safe weekend! 1 comments