Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Wiping Our Brow

Now that the craziness of the play is behind us... school is ending right before my eyes. Hayden is sad cuz he LOVES school and Mommy is sad cuz school is out for almost 3 months! Only one happy is Daddy cuz he's done teaching - then again, that makes Mommy happy because he can be home with Hayden while Mommy takes a break. Hmmmm.

Anyway, I now know the meaning of "Soccer Mom". It has only just begun. With a full schedule lined up this summer to keep Mr. Hayden busy and active, who has time (or money) for a vacation?

Speaking of busy - Hayden was exhausted by the 3rd performance of Dalmatians. On Saturday evening, he could barely stand and continue singing - he looked physically sick. (Who's bright idea was it anyway to do 4 performances so close and 2 back to back?) As soon as it was over, Hayden was back to his perky self and running full speed ahead. When asked if he wanted to do another play... Hayden's famous words "Oh Yah! - Maybe they have a Stars Wars the Clones Wars play!!!?!!!" I don't think so bud. Either way, we conveniently found a summer camp in our park district doing a Willy Wonka theatrical camp. Two days a week, eight hours a day. When offered to Hayden... he was all over it like pigs in mud, or Hayden and Cheese Goldfish. In addition to this he will be swimming again and some other small activites.

As for Baby V... we are working on it. Our homestudy has been re-vamped. More forms have been completed and Dr. has been visited etc. It's only a matter of time before all forms are done and ready for the next step. Ugh....

So to bid adeu, we leave you with a pic of our Dalmatian. I would post more, but worry about the other children in the play - as I do not have permission to post their picture. Also, some shots turned out dark or have some freaky head in the way (always nice huh?)

Have a great week!


Things That...

For the past week I have gone outside and heard this whistling bird (it seriously sounds like it is whistling). Either I am walking Hayden to the bus, doing some light gardening or watching the kids play outside. Every time I've heard this bird I find myself smiling, sometimes turning to see if I can find it. I haven't but it doesn't stop from adding that little "umph" to my day. With that, some people ask/imagine how we make it through the day or week during this hard time in our life. With what seems like a "return to the beginning" we do keep chugging. I thought I would share how I keep moving along.

Things that make my week a little easier:

  • Seeing Hayden’s sweet and charming smile.
  • Reading Michael’s morning notes that always end in “I love you”.
  • Watching Grey’s Anatomy & The Mentalist (Simon Baker is HOT!) and looking forward to the next episode.
  • Hearing the same bird that whistles every time I am outside (either I am a pretty mama or it’s looking for a mate, LOL).
  • While taking a break, one of our cats climbs into my lap nuzzling, purring, and begging to be petted.
  • Having a good hair day.
  • Hearing a friendly voice.
  • Viewing the wonderful works of Hayden.
  • Sitting down to a hot cooked meal – courtesy of a drive-thru. ;)
  • Seeing another bloom on my flowers sprout or open up.
  • Hearing my favorite song – and playing it over and over again.
  • Driving my car with no traffic, tunes on, on a beautiful spring day.
  • Having no electronic breakdowns, no colds, no unexpected bills………………..