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Step On A Crack, Break Your Back

Almost 5 Weeks and counting - should be the title of this post. This month has been one of the worst, trying my patience, health, and sanity. All the while... I have had plenty of time to write (though in a horizontal position - it isn't all that easy), think, and make mental notes of nail pops.

March 1, 2010 changed me. Our family's whole routine went out with the garbage (pun IS intended, as you'll read soon) that day, and sometimes... when my patience and frustration gets the better of me - I feel I will never gain control again.

To give you some insight, I have a slipped disk... just by maneuvering the garbage cans on a chilly icy morning. I must have twisted my body the wrong way, and have spent my time since paying for it. I have started physical therapy, but mostly I spend my time abusing my couch and bed. They haven't seen this kind of company in like - EVER! Standing, sitting, and walking (for long periods of time) are painful. Which basically makes daily living dull, boring, and uneventful. I have caught up on more TV shows than I can count, OnDemand shows I never knew existed, and have even watched TV online. I bring new meaning to "couch potato".

Hubby and Hayden have been extremely helpful (or as helpful as an almost 7 year old can/want to be). But it's hard. When you want a snack and you don't quite know what you want... you need to raid your pantry. Or you want to go to the store (so you can find a snack to buy) and use those coupons - the ones you having been clipping for weeks while on the couch! And you hear the birds now, but you would actually like to SEE them. But you just can't do it all.

Don't get me wrong, I have made it out. I manage, or do my best, to make it to Hayden's therapies (though car rides/driving is difficult). I am able to make Hayden's lunch with his help and walk him down to the bus stop. But standing to make a long meal, like dinner, is more challenging. Let's just say I am tired of take-out.

Either way, I have come a long way with my injury. I was on my hands and knees in so much pain I couldn't stand almost 5 weeks ago. I understand the healing process is long and grueling, and sometimes I think it would have been easier had I have broken a wrist, etc. Least I'd be more mobile and could still tend to my family.

This injury has taught me a few things, one being trust. Also I know some things just aren't life threatening, and it's ok to let it go. Who cares if the floor isn't swept and the dishes aren't done. Yes it's annoying, it will get done... eventually.

In other (quick) news, Hayden has learned to tie a dummy-set of shoes, has pedaled 6 cycles on a bike at therapy and came home with three 100% on his tests last week, one including spelling. He is doing so well, his IEP services has dropped O.T. to consult and all that remains is speech. And even speech was lowered. He is so happy, and we are proud of his progress.

Still no word on the adoption front. But we put out an email and hope to hear back soon.

Here's to no more injuries, no more bad fast food (a nasty encounter with raw chicken doesn't do a tummy good), and oh for some warm weather to get some fresh air!

Edit: Needed to change the number of weeks I have been "laid up". Apparently you lose track when all you see is ceiling everyday. That and I never have been good at math. ;) 0 comments

Happy Mother's Day in Kaz!

While we were hoping for an update this week, it didn't come. Instead we are thinking of the country's 2 day celebration for mothers which starts March 8th. We hope to receive some kind of news once the holiday is over. Until then, Happy Mother's Day to the moms in Kazakhstan!

Meanwhile... I can't wait for this week to end. While running some errands Monday morning for my business, I managed to pull my back out. Though I worked through the morning and early afternoon, I wasn't truly aware of the damage until later in the afternoon when I couldn't rise from the couch. From Monday evening on (and still to this day), I have spent most of my time laying... laying... and catching up on television shows. Not an enjoyable week. My sis and I made an uncomfortable trip out to the doc, got some meds, etc. and was for recommended physical therapy.
If there's anything I have learned from this week - it's two things. One... take it easy when moving the garbage cans, they can ruin your week in a blink. And two... trust. I have had to depend on my family for everything. From something simple like putting on my socks, to walking Hayden to the bus, and even help in the washroom (embarrassingly enough to say). But my husband, mother, brother, and sister were my rocks this week, and without them... I would still be in tears in a fetal position on the floor - in pain.

Here's to a better week, a recovered back... and some good news. ;) 0 comments