Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Happy Birthday!

On Thursday April 15, I woke up as usual... with a pain in my butt. Literally. I was scheduled for a steroid epidural injection shortly after we put Mr. Hayden on the bus that morning. Though I am not a fan of pain or needles, I was determined to do anything to feel better, and make it to my son's birthday party in just 2 days time.
So the simple procedure was a success, minus the numb feeling in my legs and bottom. I was told no stretches for twenty-four hours. You got it!
Come Saturday, I wouldn't say I felt like a new woman, but I definitely felt better. I walked about Hayden's party (held at a pizza like arcade called Rinkside), talking, handing out tokens, and admiring the kids. Eventually my legs said "Take a break lady!" and I obliged. Overall... the party was a success and Hayden was happy. That's all that mattered.

Now... I'm at a fork in the road. Maybe I took advantage and moved around too much, too much sitting or driving. Maybe one cortisone/steroid shot isn't enough, because I've regressed. I never left my good old friend the couch and bed for long -  and they seem to be glad I'm back. Me on the other hand, want to chuck them out the window in a fit of anger. But if I did that, who knows what body part I'd hurt next. ;)
Either way, we're in the waiting game. Michael has been extremely busy with work, grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking. If we aren't neglecting one thing, we are another. Just recently we got a warning about our fence... which is falling apart. With every intention to take it down, we are now forced to do this before we face a fine - by May 3rd. When we (or shall I say Michael) will find time to do this is beyond our imagination. Yet we keep chugging along...

Hayden had a fantastic birthday. We took plenty of pictures of his big day - him turning 7! Check out the Daily V's on the right. He got his beloved Nintendo DS and some games, in addition to some Bakugan toys. We are also grateful for the donations to Hayden's summer theater camp. He had such a blast last year. Swimming, dancing, and singing, OH MY!

Lots of great things are happening in Hayden-ville: Hayden's biking skills are coming along awesomely. He rode from two neighbor houses down - to our house all by himself. A tremendous feat and an accomplishment for our big guy!
He's conquered shoe tying "Mommy's" way, as long as he takes his time and the laces are a decent size.
Hayden's teacher came back from a medical family leave - which meant cleaning out desks and bringing home weeks old papers. One included a worksheet from St. Patty's Day titled "My 3 Wishes". Hayden wrote very nice and neat his three wishes, 1. to be speed racer's car. 2. a baby toy for his baby sister. 3. a baby bottle for his baby sister. Michael and I were soo touched by our loving and thoughtful boy!

We are still awaiting news on Baby V, and will be sure to post when we hear something. But I wouldn't doubt you'll hear me shouting from the rooftops when the time finally comes. ;) In a blink of an eye we have been going through this process for 2 years (But no cake for you!). We can't wait to meet her and bring her home.

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Have a Snack While You Wait...

Monday I had an uplifting conversation with our adoption coordinator. We are going to be assigned our orphanage and given travel dates soon. With that, a flood of questions came. One of them being that we could potentially be traveling as early as the middle to end of May. With all that has been going on with my injury, this news has us "tickled pink".

One of those questions included how... how do we travel if the "boys" are still in school? And how long? We are going to do our best to make it to Kazakhstan in one trip (which we hope will be about three to three and half weeks). And we are asking to have an escort bring Baby V home. Of course... now we seriously have to get our butts in gear, paint and finish her room, and buy girlie things!!!! *That's one of the fun parts!* Unfortunately, since we are looking to adopt a toddler girl between the ages of 12-24 months, clothes sizes vary widely. So that will have to be put off until we come back from our trip and we have met our daughter.

In other news, I am still waiting to hear back about my MRI. My doctors office decided to take a little Easter vacation, and left me in a lurch. Nice, huh? Meanwhile, I am still recovering, doing my stretches and venturing to therapy twice a week.

Yesterday, Hayden kept himself occupied a good portion of the day with his Vtech kiddy digital camera. He's not only able to take pictures, but quick little videos. One of his videos included him laying at the top of the stairs filming his self singing the theme song to Scooby-Doo. But our most prized video is of him snacking.

Before we know it... it will be May or June and we will be heading to Kazakhstan. We hope to get things in gear soon, and will keep you posted with our progress.

Happy Easter!