Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

How Much Does Wis Dells Cost?

I have to say that being 5 years old must be the most eye popping age yet. There have been so many instances this past year where Hayden has had me in stitches that I thought "Huh, I wonder how much money I could make out of those quips if I submitted them to a magazine?"

"Out of the mouths of babes" my mom says every time I run something by her that came out of Hayden's mouth. And today is like no other.

On our way to Friday therapy today, Hayden interrupts my auto-pilot mode by asking me about vacation. "Why can't we go on vacation mommy?" he asks.
Well, not a shocker that he brings this up (only about the dozenth time). I explain that traveling and going on vacation costs money. That you have to save money for big trips (he mentions wanting to go to the beach). He sullenly says, "But we are saving money for Baby Sister..." I say yes, explain that little trips are ok and remind him of the small trip we had last summer, and how much fun we had. How much he enjoyed the lazy river (after he got over the initial fear) and that you don't have to go far from home to have a nice time. I can see his gears running from the front seat, remembering the arcade that was connected to the hotel and all the little outings we did. Shortly after... Hayden asks, "So Mommy, how much does Wisconsin Dells cost?"

Where or how he even knows about the Dells made me laugh. He told me he remembers seeing books or brochures a long time ago, "maybe Daddy can find them cuz he's smart" Hayden said (sure, if you think Daddy's the finder in the house... you just wait!). Anyhoo... we haven't been there in 2 years, at least. Hayden has the memory of a hard drive (think computer) - in this household, someone has too cuz Mommy lost her mind ages ago.

So while we weather through this winter, it's nice to know my son is anxious for summer, vacations and swimming. Gosh knows we all are! Here's to the groundhog showing their shadow! (That is the way it's supposed to work right?) 0 comments

Lifes Blunders...

It's been an interesting week to say the least. In adoption land, we received word that two of the "big-wigs" got fired. If you think that's tough - wait till you read the latest... an excerpt from the JCICS website on adoption in Kyrgyzstan:

"January 23, 2009 - It is Joint Council's understanding that 17 high ranking officials of teh Kyrgyz government, including the Minister of Education and the Vice-Minister of Education, have been removed from their positions. Obviously this will have an effect on in-process intercountry adoptions. It is currently unclear excactly how the changes will effect in-process cases. As more information becomes available Joint Council will update the website.

January 14, 2009 - In consultation with the Joint Council Kyrgyzstan Task Force, it is our assessment that prospective adoptive parents should not initiate new adoption cases in Kyrgyzstan. Additionally, we recommend that Adoption Services Providers not accept new applications. If a family is in the process of adopting from Kyrgyzstan but does not yet have a referral they may want to discuss other adoption options with their adoption service provider. No intercountry adoption cases are being processed in Kyrgyzstan at this time and there is no indication of when processing will be reinitiated. "

Out with the old/bad, in with the new and hopefully better and better equipped to do their job and get these children home to their families. We not only take this as sad but good news, hoping this won't delay the process any more than it already has.

With life, there will always be bumps along the road, err, or in this case your car bumped into. Last Friday morning, I woke up to get ready for our normal routine - take Hayden to his O.T. While I hop out of the shower, I am startled by the phone ringing. Immediately thinking O.T. is about to be canceled, I run to grab the phone, along the way hearing the caller I.D. (I love our new phone - it announces who calls BEFORE we pick it up and has been a great help to avoid those pesty callers) that Michael was calling from his cell. I figured he forgot something, but when I answered - he sounded off. After a few minutes on the phone - I got the low down... on his way to work someone cut in front of him while he was in the right-hand turn lane and this car was making a left-hand turn in front of him (I.E. big no-no cause they weren't paying attention). Long story short, Michael needed to get his car towed and the whole weekend had been compromised. Now driving a rental until the middle of February we hope that everything goes smoothly with the insurance and we get our money back. Ugh.
Funny how blunders wake you up in life and make you smell the roses.

On a brighter note, Hayden STILL has not had a visit from the tooth fairy (Get it, brighter?!). However, the tooth fairy will have her work cut out for this stubborn boy. He is not only temperamental about eating, squirmy when it comes to wiggling it - but add another tooth on top of it. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he now has 2 loose teeth. The once bottomless pit now stops eating once food roughs up his little gems, making them sore. I have a feeling that when the tooth fairy does come, Hayden may have some pounds to gain back. ;)

Unfortunately, that's all for now folks. It has been a tiresome week here at the V-household and we ALL can't wait for some warmer weather. Say NO to SNOW! LOL


Having Trouble Keeping the Faith

Motivate: to provide with a motive, impel; something (as a need or desire) that causes a person to act.

This word doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary this month. It took me days to get holiday decor down, weeks to organize storage... I won't continue with my list.
With the two snow days we had recently (yeah, that was swell Mother Nature!), more disappointment with the adoption - the stress piles on. I guess you could say my year has NOT started off with a bang.

A quick note for my readers - I apologize if this turns into a gray/dark post. I can feel the clouds hanging over my head this evening as I type (it's been a rough week). I also apologize for not keeping you posted (I do that a lot don't I?). These days, I'd give anything to see spring.

We receive updates
almost weekly from our coordinator with our agency. One week it sounds good, the next... not so much. A lot of times it can be very complicated to understand that even we can't wrap our heads around it. I will do my best to sum it up.
So. A department has finally been assigned to be "in charge" of handling and overlooking adoptions in Kyrgyz. However, a new official is being hired to sign official papers and this process (I am assuming training, etc.) can take another 1-2 months. We understand that there are families that have met their children already, or families waiting for court dates or travel dates and they come first... but even to not know who your child may be is just as heartbreaking & frustrating during this time of wait. We are left in limbo, waiting and anticipating. No end in sight.

Though the holidays are well past us, winter sure isn't letting up. Traveling has become hazardous... Even the TV is having trouble "bearing" the weather. Friday during our "2nd SNOW DAY" all our services went out = TV, phone, & internet. I thought I was going to lose my marbles. Hayden kept me busy however, constantly asking me why the phone didn't work, why the TV didn't work and so on. If Calgon worked on me, you better have believed that whole box would have been gone in one sitting.

Besides stressing out on the adoption, driving through snowstorms, etc.... I have added another side dish to my plate. I currently own my own concierge and errand service called Buzzin' Around Town, INC. I run errands for individuals and businesses ranging from grocery shopping to meal delivery to virtual shopping. Though I will still continue to work and promote my "baby"... the economy is just not where it should be. So back to work I go. Well, kinda. I am contracted for LiveOps (feel free to ask me about more info!) answering calls from home while Hayden is at school or asleep at night. Training and my issues with technology (as usual) has definitely taken a toll on me the past few weeks. I have done this type of work from home before (placing orders over the phone) and am excited, anxious, and nervous all in one to start again. This time with a more permanent position, I hope. It will be nice to have a distraction.... one that leaves me on a positive dollar!

Lastly, the tooth fairy still hasn't come to visit - Hayden's tooth is being stubborn but we are fine with that. He tends to be overly dramatic. So we don't want to risk using old school techniques like tying the tooth to a doorknob to make Ms. Tooth Fairy come early. Yikes!
At this point I will be happy if the new tooth just pushes it out. And since we are on the topic of teeth! Hayden did awesome at his 6 month dental checkup. The 1st visit was close to a nightmare, just "showing" the dentist how he brushed while sitting in my lap. This visit was a new Hayden. I had prepped him all week - he was still whiny... but climbed in the chair when it was time. He let the dentist do what needed to be done and didn't have a single cavity (though most children don't at that age right?). He was so proud and so were we!!! Way to go Hay!

Oye. It's late, my eyes are going cross... and it's finally quiet here. Time for ME time. ;)

Thank You Santa!!!

It's been a great break... but one that was too long and too short. We had a blast welcoming "Santa" and the New Year with all our family and friends. Now that winter break is over (and I am secretly jumping for joy), I want to reflect on all the cool and neat things we did as a family, all the while we wish deep in our hearts we could have shared these holidays and adventures with our daughter. Next year - we hope.

Besides for putting out cookies for Santa, reindeer food for Rudolph (specially made just for him!), we made our special trip out to the Cuneo Museum to see the Winter Wonderland in Vernon Hills. We make this trip every year - and it's cheap too. You drive through wonders of lights in the coziness of your car, listening to holiday tunes. Point out and count the snowmen - don't miss any! We always have a blast trying to remember the 12 days of Christmas, as they outline them in lights... the creators also bring back every Disney character known to man. It truly is an adventure one must see.

We traveled to our families houses, celebrating Christmas Eve and Day. Opening presents, watching the children play and eating food until you're stuffed. I truly know how much it takes out of you to wrap, pack and go here and there during the holidays - and I give my mom more credit every year. How she did it with 4 kids I will never know. The hustle and bustle of the holiday's is all worth it when you see the twinkle in the children's eye.

Hayden had probably the best Christmas yet, and the pictures will prove it. Santa brought him a Wii. In addition, "Santa" was able to make Hayden a scarf (as they are hard to find for young boys). This was an item Hayden had on his list, but figured it would be forgotten. When he pulled it out of the gift bag - he was tickled pink and thrilled. It made me soooo proud. He also got several games, Star Wars stuff, Legos (thanks Michele!!!) and his Polar Express train (that's what we call it, though it's just a train that goes around the tree).

One afternoon during break I came downstairs after doing something... There was a note on my purse. I knew Hayden's scribbles, it was from him. I asked Michael and Hayden what it said, and Michael replied it was Hayden's idea - he wanted to write Santa a thank-you card for remembering everything on his Christmas list. I could have cried.

With Christmas gone, comes New Years. For the past several years we have had the comfort and convenience of being invited to our neighbors for dinner, etc. Since they live next door and have kids it makes New Years for families a win win situation. Hayden spent the majority of the evening playing with the children, and us adults enjoyed the company of other neighbors and couples. Hayden ended up passing out around 1:30ish and we left shortly after, making the brisk walk home the only setback. Well, maybe there was a tiny bit of a grouchy Hayden when he climbed into bed. But - to be expected.

This past weekend, we hung out at LegoLand in Schaumburg. Since Santa brought Hayden Lego's, what a better place to visit? We spent a couple hours touring, watching a VERY cool 4-D movie and drooling over R2D2. They can practically turn anything into a Lego design. Of course, the visit wouldn't be complete with out making some of your own - and then visiting the gift shop. LOL Hayden had some "Santa Cash" and spent it wisely - he bought a Lego car design set that he is getting a kick out of. Unfortunately, this outing was quite pricey and being a parent, didn't see it to be worth the dough. Hayden enjoyed it though and it was a nice close to the break.

Though there were days when I had gone absoluty mad, days I had locked myself in the bedroom and wished it were summer (so someone could ride their bike and wear off their energy!)... we had fun. We had play dates, went to therapy (and that helped some with the high running engines!), I wouldn't trade it for the world.

My boy is growing up - fast. Want proof? For weeks Hayden has been telling me a tooth was loose. I would check and sure enough, someone cried wolf. I think someone at school recently lost their tooth, that's why all the craze. So during break, Hayden mentions it again... Michael was off on an errand. This time, I figure... eh, Hayden is pulling my chain again - but I look and see something really IS moving. I take a closer look and would you believe it! My son has a loose tooth! Don't I feel like a dork!

So thank you Santa for all the gifts that you brought Hayden that were on his list ;)
Thank you for giving Hayden a loose tooth. Thank you for giving us a fantastic year, keeping us safe, warm and protected. Here's to a New Year... one with an addition to our family. 1 comments