Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

That man was NOT Santa!

There is always some drama going on in our house - whether it's inside or out. I don't know why this particular day I was surprised to be smacked right in the face at such a general place - the United States Post Office.

We had all the forms filled out for our passports and birth certificates in tow (including a soon to be grouchy Hayden) as we approached USPS. Once inside we stood in line behind a chatty elderly couple also getting their passports. For what seemed like FOREVER, the elderly couple finally emerged from behind the doors and it was soon our turn. Apparently the "usual" passport person wasn't in that day and we were priviledged to be "helped" by an older looking Santa type. This man could definately pass as Santa tis the season and wearing a red suit!

He "welcomed" us into the door and informed us to follow the hallway into a conferernce like room. We quietly sat and handed him our paperwork - Michael first. The gentleman proceeded by asking Michael what his mother's maiden name was and was his dad married to his sister? (Michael made a boo-boo on the form). We chuckled but the man remained emotionless, picking up his white-out, marking out the error and DROPPING it back on the table. Yes, I said drop, as on purpose. The rest of the paperwork didn't get better. Hayden became increasingly cranky (How long do you expect a 5 year old to wait and then sit patiently to wait longer? We had already been waiting 15 minutes or so). Hayden wanted Michael to go to the car and get his Matchbox cars while whinning... the "Santa" man commented "Young man, if you wait just 10 more minutes while we finish up this paperwork, your dad will go get your cars." The whole time the man had glasses tiltled down on the bridge of his nose looking very stern. He put chills down MY spine - I can only imagine how my son felt.

After all was said and done, he stapled our ORIGINAL birth certificates to the forms (Yikes!). Then "Santa" man implied he didn't like our form of payment (our debit card). With this he instructed us to the front and let us pay that way (I guess they prefer check or money order) and charged us a $25 fee EACH! Like the saying goes - you can't judge a book by its cover.

Lastly, because of "losing" our birth certificates at the post office and knowing we need additional copies for the dossier... we utilized the services of and ordered some more. Once I had mine completed and paid for, the site needed to "verify" that I was the person ordering. So it asks you several questions. I passed.... Michael failed!!!! My birth certificates will be arriving tomorrow (we ordered 2 day shipping) and Michael had to fax in a verification form that required a copy of his license and signature.

Like I said, drama!

Up this week: HOMESTUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Thursday (July 10th) and I for one am very stressed all ready. If Michael and I are still sleeping in the same bed at the end of the week it will be a miracle.

Also this week, we have one more in person adoption class (but still have 4 more hours of which can be done online) and the "boys" dental appointments. Oye! At this point, Calgon won't even take me away.

Wish us luck!