Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

It's That Time of Year

It's been a wonderful week back, and yes I am being sarcastic. During the weekend we had to "overcome" Hayden leaving his Spiderman gymmies at school (long story) in trade for his school gym shoes. This week he lost his umbrella even though mom told him not to bring it (one of those battles not worth fighting). Lastly, his new H2O bottle leaked all over his backpack getting his shirt and pants wet at school. Luckily teacher said he was NOT the least bit affected and to not worry about it.

Today is proving to be no better. Mints, our middle and largest cat managed to get into something her big tummy shouldn't have. I have been cleaning up after her all week and today has been no vacation! We believe she may have gotten into my artificial fruit on the bottom shelf on the kitchen island - totally in kitty reach.

And that brings us to tonights event and the week isn't over: Michael's "Back to School Night". This event (and sometimes Graduation) happens every year and usually brings Daddy home after Hayden is in bed (long day for all of us). But mostly hard on Hayden as he is still trying to understand the concept of work. In the years past we have met Daddy at work beforehand and had dinner. We will see if we can swing it tonight - though with school and traffic and gas cost it may just prove easier to stay home. :(

To put the bounce back in my step we are the proud owners of 5 new huge brown boxes - in our garage. Actually this is Baby V's furniture. All of which has to be put together. I'm not thrilled about spending countless hours assembling, but the thought of the room on it's way brings a smile to my face.

More later...