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From Popsicle Sticks to Wreaths to Space Ships?

With of all the worrying we have been doing lately and the ache we feel in our chest… life still must go on. Without our son, I honestly wouldn’t know how to cope with the unpredictable-ness that is adoption. Whether a family chooses to adopt domestically or internationally, one must understand there is always a risk, always a chance you won’t go through the process as quickly as you hope. We weighed our options and knew the risks and knew what we would be potentially facing. We wouldn’t change our mind tomorrow knowing what we know today. Every child deserves a home, whether they are from here or there.

I have been teaching Hayden and we’ve been reading (in addition to school) all about being thankful. And we couldn’t be more thankful for our little buddy and all that we have in our lives. Every day that goes by he lights up our lives and keeps us going. He frequently comes up to Michael and me saying that he is thankful for us. THAT is love. Pure unconditional love. So to share our thankfulness with the ones we love, mommy pulled an idea from a magazine. Nana and Papa and Grandma and Boppy (Hayden's nickname for grandpa) and Great Grandma all received special care packages this week.

Hayden worked hard on his leaf wreaths made out of popsicle sticks. But in the end, he much rather would have built space ships on the rug with them. *See photos above* It’s amazing. Give a child a $50 toy (only an example – please, the holidays are around the corner!) and they play with it for 5 minutes. Hand them popsicle sticks and they wind up all over your floor for days!!!
Gosh he's a ham...