Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Happy Mother's Day in Kaz!

While we were hoping for an update this week, it didn't come. Instead we are thinking of the country's 2 day celebration for mothers which starts March 8th. We hope to receive some kind of news once the holiday is over. Until then, Happy Mother's Day to the moms in Kazakhstan!

Meanwhile... I can't wait for this week to end. While running some errands Monday morning for my business, I managed to pull my back out. Though I worked through the morning and early afternoon, I wasn't truly aware of the damage until later in the afternoon when I couldn't rise from the couch. From Monday evening on (and still to this day), I have spent most of my time laying... laying... and catching up on television shows. Not an enjoyable week. My sis and I made an uncomfortable trip out to the doc, got some meds, etc. and was for recommended physical therapy.
If there's anything I have learned from this week - it's two things. One... take it easy when moving the garbage cans, they can ruin your week in a blink. And two... trust. I have had to depend on my family for everything. From something simple like putting on my socks, to walking Hayden to the bus, and even help in the washroom (embarrassingly enough to say). But my husband, mother, brother, and sister were my rocks this week, and without them... I would still be in tears in a fetal position on the floor - in pain.

Here's to a better week, a recovered back... and some good news. ;)