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Asking For Your Prayers...

The past few weeks have proven to be very difficult. We have spent it waiting for phone calls and emails on updates about our case - hoping for the best - but ending up hearing what could be the worst case scenario.

We don't feel comfortable going into detail about the situation we are going through right now, therefore we are keeping things confidential per the request of our agency. However, we are praying that it all pans out and that it can be resolved in a timely manner. We trust that it will all work out in the end, and we ask that no one question our decision(s) or bring doubt into our heads (during this difficult time or otherwise). We know we are being very vague, but we wanted to get the word out and are asking for your help in prayer.

As we learned when we switched from Kyrgyzstan and throughout this whole process, international adoption is unpredictable. We are at the mercy of the country.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Happy 4th of July


Karon and John said...

Hey, I am so sorry you are in a tough place right now. We adopted from Kaz in 07 and then had a failed Bulgarian adoption, started with Kazkahstan only to have our dossier mailed to the Embassy in May and turned away. If you want to "talk" you are welcome to e-mail me at Many prayers are with you. I will say that after three years and a roller coaster our child to be found us and we will be meeting him next week. Rememeber that when one door closes a window opens.


irina said...

Hi, I know EXACTLY what you mean, without exactly knowing what you mean. We've been waiting for an LOI since November after assignmnt to Uralsk. Nothing is to be heard and we are sad and desperate and disbelieving. Good luck to all of us!