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Where Do We Go From Here?

If you have one that we can borrow, bring it on over!

We have been crazy busy this past week. And it has really blown by - I can't believe we were just in Russia last Sunday meeting our daughter! How time flies...

With that, many people have been asking "When do you go back?". And we would surely like to give you an exact date. But unfortunately, as we well know by now, adoption is unpredictable. However, we were told to get our paperwork in order while our little one's medical is done in-country and they do things on their end. Our in-country coordinator said she needs a least a month... and that's what we are banking on when it comes to a deadline for our paperwork.

It has been nuts getting our court/dossier paperwork started. We need to complete medical forms (getting a physical again). We need to get a copy of the deed of our home, mortgage papers, a Realtor or a mortgage broker to fill out a real estate verification letter, a letter from a congressman (are you kidding me?) and a list of our finances again. And so much more!!! :)

So after we finish our paperwork (it gets notarized and apostilled), it will be sent off to our agency. And like usual, translated and sent to Russia for approval. Russia will then set a court date for us to return. Once we are in Russia for court, we will get to visit little "D" for a few days and we will then meet with a judge. We will also undergo our 8-doc medical during this trip. After we finish all that, there is a waiting period... usually 10-14 days. We can either stay in country or go home (which we would rather not do to save money on highly expensive over-priced airfare). Technically Russian adoptions are done in 3 trips, but if you stay in between the 2nd and 3rd trip, you can count it as 2. So after we finish the waiting period, we need to travel to Moscow with little "D" to get her visa and tie up lose ends before flying home with a toddler - Yikes!.

Now, I'm no expert on this... so this may or may not work out as planned. If I only had a crystal ball...

Regardless, we are hoping to be Forever Home by early summer. Wouldn't that be grand?

Happy Spring,