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A Reason to Celebrate!

This year our anniversary couldn't be more special. Yes Michael and I have been married a long time... 10 beautiful, enjoyable years. In July, we will have the luxury of celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in Russia, with our daughter.

This news came yesterday, a belated birthday present for me, and now we have a a little over 2 weeks to prepare our family for the biggest step it has taken in a long time. The Judge has asked for some more paperwork... (because there is never an end to that is there?). I will put the finishing touches on "D's" room and of course start the travel preparations.

More details will be coming shortly... but we couldn't wait to share the great news with everyone.
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

<3 Mel


Laura said...

Thanks, Mel, for stopping by my blog! I'm thrilled for you in anticipation of going to Russia soon to bring your daughter home.

Guess what...we arrived in Russia and saw our little girl for the first time after 7 long months on our 15th wedding anniversary! Definitely made it unforgetable.

Congrats & I'll be keeping tabs on you!

~Laura :)

Annaliese said...

congrats on your upcoming travel and more exciting...bringing your little girl home! it's such an emotional and amazing adventure and the most exciting thing that's happened to our family. we met our son on the 4th of july and our gotcha day was over the labor day holiday. to me, they almost hold more meaning to us than his birthday or christmas!

take care on your journey and can't wait to read your updates!