Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Fugitives of the Law We Are Not

It's weird seeing on your bank statement a withdrawl from the FBI, but when you're adopting it's something to be happy about! Today in the mail we received two big brown letters from our fellow officers. Most people would be shaking in their boots or biting their fingernails - but not us! We are proud to annouce that the FBI has cleared us and stamped our fingerprints (whew! all that hard work!) stating we have "No Arrest Record". Well, duh... but now it's in ink! Can't get any more clear than that!

Secondly, most of our paperwork has been received by FRC on Tuesday (once again - lightning fast!, let's keep it up!) and informed us our case worker would be calling shortly. And she did! We set up our homestudy appointment for Thursday July 10th. She will ask us questions, talk with Hayden, see Baby V's room in addition to the rest of our house, etc. In addition, she advises we get a head start on all of our adoption requirement classes. The majority fall on a Tuesday and in the evening. We need 6 hours in person and the rest (I believe is 10) can be done online.

Next up, sending out the international app (yeah we still haven't gotten that one done) and the USCIS app.

Hayden's excited to start swimming lessons today - either it's because he gets to swim with his friend Jenny from Monkey group, wear his Speed Racer swim trunks, or the actual swimming part that he's excited about I'm not sure.

We've made several trips out to Ikea, as well as other stores and looking online (one of the things I do best - frugal online searching/shopping) for baby dressers. Suffice to say, Hayden's old dressers, once Michael's, won't hopefully have to be handed down a third time to Baby V. I couldn't bear painting them again.

Until next week - Happy Father's Day!!!