Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

The Name Game

Now that the first set of fun forms are completed, signed, sealed and mailed - we can start the nail biting. I opened a FedEx account late last week and made sure I dropped that stack of papers off ASAP. Hopefully we will be assigned a HomeStudy Agent by the end of next week, if not sooner and begin the intrusive yet necessary process.

On a happier note, we have officially begun the slow build-up of "girly" supplies. We got the pink hippo in the mail last week and was delighted by the squishy/softness. Next, we went shopping for Baby V's room. She MUST be styling in today's latest trends - pink and brown (and some green)! I chose the most darling fleece blanket at Baby Depot that had flowers and butterflies. I grabbed the matching prints and now have visions of wall colors dancing in my head. Next up - paint and curtains!

When Hayden was in "Mommy's tummy" we had several names picked out, like many parents do. If he was a girl, we most likely would have chosen the name Alexa Marie. On that note, some people have asked us about this topic. Will we be keeping Baby V's original name or changing it? The answer - yes and no. We plan on making her real name her middle name along with Marie and giving her a new first name.

However, lately I have been wondering if a name like Alexa (or Lexie for short) will fit our daughter. Part of me wonders if we should choose something more ethnic or Russian (part of their culture) to help Baby V keep some of her roots.

Either way, here are a few names we have thought about in addition to Alexa (means to defend men *LOL*).
Alexandra (means to protect)
Ariana (means very holy one - thanks Mom)
Anastasia (means resurrection)

Feel free to leave us ANY comments (even suggestions on names). We are big on nicknames, any name that can be shortened I believe shows love and endearment. I somehow always manage to pull one out of my hat, suprisingly we call Hayden "Hay" a lot. I'm sure one day he will hate us for it. ;) We ideally would love to have that same quality in a name for our daughter.

And as always, we thank everyone for their support with "ChipIn" and our Magazine Fundraiser. Please keep the magazines in mind if you need to renew, buy a gift subscription or just want to donate. Have a safe weekend!


Anonymous said...

Im kinda partial to Adrianna...Mickey ought to remember THAT name.
Anastasia may be pushing too hard, but Ariana is tres cool.