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How Much Does Wis Dells Cost?

I have to say that being 5 years old must be the most eye popping age yet. There have been so many instances this past year where Hayden has had me in stitches that I thought "Huh, I wonder how much money I could make out of those quips if I submitted them to a magazine?"

"Out of the mouths of babes" my mom says every time I run something by her that came out of Hayden's mouth. And today is like no other.

On our way to Friday therapy today, Hayden interrupts my auto-pilot mode by asking me about vacation. "Why can't we go on vacation mommy?" he asks.
Well, not a shocker that he brings this up (only about the dozenth time). I explain that traveling and going on vacation costs money. That you have to save money for big trips (he mentions wanting to go to the beach). He sullenly says, "But we are saving money for Baby Sister..." I say yes, explain that little trips are ok and remind him of the small trip we had last summer, and how much fun we had. How much he enjoyed the lazy river (after he got over the initial fear) and that you don't have to go far from home to have a nice time. I can see his gears running from the front seat, remembering the arcade that was connected to the hotel and all the little outings we did. Shortly after... Hayden asks, "So Mommy, how much does Wisconsin Dells cost?"

Where or how he even knows about the Dells made me laugh. He told me he remembers seeing books or brochures a long time ago, "maybe Daddy can find them cuz he's smart" Hayden said (sure, if you think Daddy's the finder in the house... you just wait!). Anyhoo... we haven't been there in 2 years, at least. Hayden has the memory of a hard drive (think computer) - in this household, someone has too cuz Mommy lost her mind ages ago.

So while we weather through this winter, it's nice to know my son is anxious for summer, vacations and swimming. Gosh knows we all are! Here's to the groundhog showing their shadow! (That is the way it's supposed to work right?)