Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Having Trouble Keeping the Faith

Motivate: to provide with a motive, impel; something (as a need or desire) that causes a person to act.

This word doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary this month. It took me days to get holiday decor down, weeks to organize storage... I won't continue with my list.
With the two snow days we had recently (yeah, that was swell Mother Nature!), more disappointment with the adoption - the stress piles on. I guess you could say my year has NOT started off with a bang.

A quick note for my readers - I apologize if this turns into a gray/dark post. I can feel the clouds hanging over my head this evening as I type (it's been a rough week). I also apologize for not keeping you posted (I do that a lot don't I?). These days, I'd give anything to see spring.

We receive updates
almost weekly from our coordinator with our agency. One week it sounds good, the next... not so much. A lot of times it can be very complicated to understand that even we can't wrap our heads around it. I will do my best to sum it up.
So. A department has finally been assigned to be "in charge" of handling and overlooking adoptions in Kyrgyz. However, a new official is being hired to sign official papers and this process (I am assuming training, etc.) can take another 1-2 months. We understand that there are families that have met their children already, or families waiting for court dates or travel dates and they come first... but even to not know who your child may be is just as heartbreaking & frustrating during this time of wait. We are left in limbo, waiting and anticipating. No end in sight.

Though the holidays are well past us, winter sure isn't letting up. Traveling has become hazardous... Even the TV is having trouble "bearing" the weather. Friday during our "2nd SNOW DAY" all our services went out = TV, phone, & internet. I thought I was going to lose my marbles. Hayden kept me busy however, constantly asking me why the phone didn't work, why the TV didn't work and so on. If Calgon worked on me, you better have believed that whole box would have been gone in one sitting.

Besides stressing out on the adoption, driving through snowstorms, etc.... I have added another side dish to my plate. I currently own my own concierge and errand service called Buzzin' Around Town, INC. I run errands for individuals and businesses ranging from grocery shopping to meal delivery to virtual shopping. Though I will still continue to work and promote my "baby"... the economy is just not where it should be. So back to work I go. Well, kinda. I am contracted for LiveOps (feel free to ask me about more info!) answering calls from home while Hayden is at school or asleep at night. Training and my issues with technology (as usual) has definitely taken a toll on me the past few weeks. I have done this type of work from home before (placing orders over the phone) and am excited, anxious, and nervous all in one to start again. This time with a more permanent position, I hope. It will be nice to have a distraction.... one that leaves me on a positive dollar!

Lastly, the tooth fairy still hasn't come to visit - Hayden's tooth is being stubborn but we are fine with that. He tends to be overly dramatic. So we don't want to risk using old school techniques like tying the tooth to a doorknob to make Ms. Tooth Fairy come early. Yikes!
At this point I will be happy if the new tooth just pushes it out. And since we are on the topic of teeth! Hayden did awesome at his 6 month dental checkup. The 1st visit was close to a nightmare, just "showing" the dentist how he brushed while sitting in my lap. This visit was a new Hayden. I had prepped him all week - he was still whiny... but climbed in the chair when it was time. He let the dentist do what needed to be done and didn't have a single cavity (though most children don't at that age right?). He was so proud and so were we!!! Way to go Hay!

Oye. It's late, my eyes are going cross... and it's finally quiet here. Time for ME time. ;)