Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

The Long Road

As I ready myself to write this latest entry, gather my thoughts, etc... I first searched for a picture that depicted how I was feeling today. I first started with a person standing in the dark leaning up against the wall, obviously in angst over something. I scratched that and moved onto a picture that I always toss and turn with. A lake with a pier. Is this a good omen or a bad? So I kept looking... I then found myself looking at stalled cars. Not finding what I was looking for and only realizing that with cars, sometimes they can't be fixed - I moved onto "The Long Road". The first picture screamed perfect to me. Not only is it long, but bumpy. Exactly what this ride has been. And at least with a road, you know there is an end in sight... somewhere. Just hang on for the ride.

With that comes our latest update from our agency and Kyrgyz. With our confusion out of the way, our dossier has been sent to D.C. and once it returns it will be sent to country. Ugh on the delays. However with the latest news, it wouldn't matter anyhow. With the new authorities and regulations going on over there, no cases will be processed until March 20th. This is due to the wait for the findings of the commissions report. Regardless... there is still reason to think there may be delay for us after this report. Since Kyrgyz doesn't technically know us yet, any new paperwork or changes they implement to their "program" will affect us. Hence the picture above. We are hanging in there, but it gets harder everyday.

To keep ourselves busy these days we are more than thankful to have Hayden. He is the light of our life. On good days and on bad. In addition to Hayden's therapies we are always on the lookout for something for him to do socially or physically in the park district. Last summer we did soccer (if you may remember). He kinda enjoyed it, it was hard for him to understand it was a "competitive" sport. So when we found the 101 "Dog" play in the park district we gave it some serious thought.
After our questions were answered and Hayden jumped for joy - we signed him up. Hayden will be "acting" in the May performance of this renowned play and we are so proud of him. He was a bit tired after practice this weekend (For 2 hrs every Saturday from 1-3pm), but at the end he was bouncing around like crazy!

More on news next week.