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What a Headache


I wake this morning, totally not wanting to get out of bed with a headache. (I worked late last night and have reason to be under a bit of stress.) The last couple of days I awake to hear Hayden watching TV downstairs, already having himself set up (minus the dress and breakfast part) happy as a clam. That is until I climb out of bed and announce he has to come up and get dressed for the day.... "INPUT YELLS HERE!" Always a hassle.

While getting Hayden ready for bed last night, I hear him arguing with Michael about his now holey jeans... "Mommy said to throw them in the garbage!" "No Hayden, let's just ask Mommy what she thinks when she comes upstairs to say goodnight." NO, Mommy said in the garbage!" Would you believe that 20 minutes prior he was happy as a clam once again?

My life is a switch. How easy it can be flipped from calm and collected to chaotic and psycho in nano-seconds is beyond me. But that's how it works around here. Day, night, lunch, shopping... it happens and is as unpredictable as the weather. Is everyones life like this?

With good reason I have a headache. Not one that goes away easily... that would be too "easy"! We receive two emails yesterday about the adoption. I will start with the last one. I hunted down news about our Dossier. Where is it exactly? Come to find out that it was translated on December 12th and is sitting waiting to be shipped to Kyrgyz. Due to the country's end of the year reports and "re-organizing" it has been held back and should be sent out soon for processing to the country with a timeframe of about 4-6 weeks. Not that any of this matters... as - for lack of better description and pure crabiness, frustration, and heartbreak - we are going no where fast. Like I mentioned before, Kyrgyzstan is in the middle of re-organizing. We all hope. The first email we received was just as confusing as all the others we have received, but didn't give us any shred of hope that "WE" - as a family who has yet to receive a referral - will be moving anytime soon. There was mentioning of adoption being utilized as a last resort, only for handicapped children, etc. All which frankly, scared the crap out of me. However, I am assured by the end of the email by our coordinator that Kazakhstan did almost the same thing and came out on top. We just have to hope and pray Kyrgyzstan sees through this and knows what is best for the children of their country.

Oye, what a headache.

Anyway, Michael's car is STILL in the shop with an estimated due date of February 16th. With the base model rental he has been driving, he will be happy to have his car back soon. And maybe he won't complain about his own car so much. ;)

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I can use the sanity that is called "weekend"!


Cindy LaJoy said...

I am sobbing as I visit your web site for the first time and am hearing "Something Perfect". I have never heard this song before and it is one I will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this. I needed it to give me hope.

Waiting for 2 in Kaz...