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Are You Calling God?

On our way home from therapy this morning Hayden and I were discussing the important phone call that Daddy and I were going to receive about baby sister. He was under strict instruction to go downstairs, have lunch, watch a movie and be hush hush. Of course... a curious 5 (almost 6) year old wants to know why. So I explain to him that Mommy & Daddy need to talk about baby sister. Somehow out of the blue, Hayden drops the God comment on me... I didn't know whether to laugh (which I did) or hit the breaks and pull over the car for a discussion about God making phone calls.

Anyhoo... it was quite sweet and humorous to hear Hayden say later that he is going to pray for baby sister. You and I both kiddo. Which brings me to the big news. This time last year we thought we would have a girlie bundle of joy to welcome to our family and friends. It just won't happen soon enough. Unfortunately with the shake up in Kyrgyzstan there is no promise when (or if) the process will start picking up again for anyone who did not receive a referral.

With that, Michael and I have mentioned switching countries, thought about it back and forth, and today received the information we needed to make our final decision.
Kazakhstan here we come.

Travel will be hard, but our daughter will be worth it. We know she will be worth the wait.

More news coming soon.
Hoppy Easter!