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Starting From Scratch... well, kinda

It's been quite a whirlwind around here the last couple of weeks. Easter came and went, a birthday was celebrated. And now we gear up for Hayden's 101 Dalmatian play.

It's hard to believe my little boy turned 6 years old. And in celebration of his fantastic day - I created a music video (thanks to to show just how much fun he had. I can't get past the fact that 6 years ago nurses were jumping on top of me trying to get this stubborn child to come into the world. Six years later - he is still just as stubborn, if not more, and just as happy!

Besides that, we have been working on paperwork. Monday morning we had our caseworker from our homestudy agency come and to do an update. In addition to the forms we are filling out - nothing new is going on in the adoption world - which is a good thing. Quite frankly we are glad we made the switch as the corruption in Kyrgyz continues and sounds worse with every update. I just wish we would have switched sooner.

On a happier note... Easter, more birthday and April Fool's pics are posted on the right column. We hope you enjoy!


Sara said...

Welcome to the Kaz process! We brought home our daughter from Kaz in late 2007. Our plan was to head to Kyrg for #2, and submitted our dossier in February. It became clear that it was becoming a disaster and a never ending waiting game. So we're heading back to Kaz again.
Welcome to the Kaz process!!!