Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Let the Games Begin...

We have had a great October. Halloween is a great time of the year, one of which we celebrate merrily. We made our 7th annual trip out to Didier Farms this year, and went trick or treating early at the park district where Hayden was able to play some carnival games, etc. But in the end, all that a child looks forward to is the REAL trick or treating, the candy, and their class party. Unfortunately, Hayden missed out on his party this year. With a bad cold that hit Thursday afternoon while at school, he spiked a fever high enough that we rushed him to the acute center (we were thinking H1N1?). Of course we looked like ninnies...

He missed school on Friday, but greatly our neighbor brought home Hayden's treat bag, his homework, and mentioned that the class missed him. We kept a close eye on him and his fever, praying he wouldn't miss Halloween. With it being right around the corner... Mom and Dad made a split decision; his fever had been gone for over 12 hours, the boy had enough energy for an army, and obviously needed to get groovin' to the music. So we bundled him up under his wizard costume... and told him he could go, under one slightly sad condition. He would have to go with Daddy (duh) and be secluded. We didn't want to risk getting anyone sick, thank goodness he is a pro at coughing in his elbow.

With extended "candy" hours, his first trip was brief. He was back within 30 minutes. But about an hour and half after that... he was ready to hit the road again. Overall, he did well. He was a bit tired in the evening, but we made sure we told him to "listen to his body", and he did. He slept like a baby.

I know it's been about a month since our last posting. To be honest, I was really hoping to wow everyone with some good news. But the best I've got is... we are still waiting. Waiting for our dossier to leave D.C., and waiting for our dossier to then process in Kazakhstan. But I did ask our coordinator one of several important questions I will share with you today. This is only tentative... and we all know now from what we have gone through in the past, things can change. She estimates six months. We hope that in the summer we will be able to travel, meet our daughter, and have her come home. We pray... with all our might. It would be perfect timing, for Michael, for Hayden, and for our family.

And now comes November. Let the official holiday season begin. The time when I ready myself for Black Friday, we (continue) to pick up gift items, we attend bday parties, B&B play practices, and Thanksgiving all wrapped into one month. I only hope our pocket book stretches so far. ;)

Lastly, I want to remind you as always, please view our "October" slide show on the right. Hayden looks awesome in my sister Kelly's old wizard costume. I touched it up with some silver stars, I drew them on to match a hat he won at the Frankfort fest. I also made his wand after seeing a craft idea for yard stakes. LOL, It turned out great!

We will do our best to keep you updated as word comes in, hopefully more frequently now.

Happy Fall!