Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Jeans Like Swiss Cheese

We had a terrific Christmas! The snow held off long enough to make the journeys out to our family's homes. Hayden enjoyed opening his gifts, in addition to his favorite one being a piano. We are lucky to have a musically inclined child... i.e. easy on the ears and keys. Though currently, he has found out that the "electronic" keyboard plays drums. Of which he is totally excited about. This is one aspect of the piano that is NOT quiet.

So, we have a treat for you! To show you just how much he is enjoying his gift from Santa... view the video below:

We are anxiously awaiting the summer. Not only because we can't take another ounce of snow, or for school to be over, but for us to meet and bring our daughter home! I have started the research again on the design of her room... anxious to implement my ideas. Imagine brown paint, white furniture, pink curtains, and a tree on the wall... I hope it turns out to be everything I envision and more!

Recently we made a trip to JcPenney. With some holiday bucks and a coupon (from the use of my bargain sites), we turned what could have been an empty-pocketbook into a steal of a deal!
Hayden was in dire need of new jeans. With a growing boy, we couldn't live with re-patching the same knee on the worn out jeans. And he needed to get used to buttons and zippers.
So we bought Daddy a warmer coat for under $25, Mommy a new fashionable scarf, and Hayden 2 pairs of Jeans... leaving the bill a tad over $50. We were psyched... and yet I was dreading the days ahead.

Hayden woke several days later, and I laid out a pair of his new jeans. Dreading the "dressing" part... I simply told Hayden to let me know if he had any trouble, to let me know and I would be glad to help him. He has made great strides lately across the board... and occupational therapy is just one of them. So I wasn't surprised when I heard lots of grunting and yelling coming from down the hall at 6:50am Wednesday morning.
I soon came to aide my sulken boy - only to be shut down (not uncommon). But this time was different. Instead of him telling me no, or running away. He told me "Mommy, you always tell me you want me to do things myself, I want to do my pants on my own."
I continued to watch my boy struggle, yearning to help him, though knowing the best thing to do was watch my boy grow confidence in himself.
A couple minutes later, those pants were buttoned - by himself - the grunting and yelling stopped, and I gave my boy the biggest, proudest hug a mother could give.

Happy 2010!

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