Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

OMgosh what on earth is that?

OMgosh!?!? What on earth is that?
Today's activities consisted of a little exercise. We took a walk to the nearby spaceship, err, mall... and did some rounds until we found a children's store. We were on a mission to find something puzzle-like or music orientated for Diana. We were in luck when we found two puzzles, one fantasy and one cube shape of the Disney princesses.

We met with Diana today for an hour an a half.... not as long as yesterday, but we take what we can get. We immediately brought out the Disney puzzle, which was a little tricky. She enjoyed stacking them - and we enjoyed showing them that it was ok to have fun and knock them down. This gave us the giggles, her included... and we quickly pulled out the cameras. Once she was ready to move onto the next activity, we gave her an option. She happily chose and pointed to the other puzzle we brought her. Here were 3 adults and 1 child and we were amazed by how "puzzled" we were trying to put it together. In the end, Diana, Mama, and Papa, ending up tossing the pieces in the air and goofing off. We all now had the giggles.

After the puzzles, Papa took Diana to the tunnel on the other side of the room. She crawled through to the other end, and he met her on the other side - playing peek-a-boo. More giggles and laughs. It's good to see her smile... Shortly after we found out just how ticklish she really is... REALLY TICKLISH! We tickled her, and then she wound up in Mama's arms - where she noticed that awesome necklace again. (she must be thinking, "Mama wears this quite often, doesn't she have any other jewelry?"). She played with it on my neck, and then I asked if she would like to wear it. We put it on her neck and then she admired it. She took it off and helped put it back on Mama. So sweet...!

Then afternoon finished in the room with a round of coloring an drawing. She likes to draw cats and flowers... or so she says. We draw them and then she repeats it back in Russian. We did coloring for a while, played hide and seek with the pad of paper and flipped through about a dozen pieces of paper. No trees were harmed though.

In the end, we were sad for our time to be over. The caregiver came in to let us know time was up, but told Diana to say goodbye and blow us a kiss. Quite possibly the sweetest thing yet! The caregiver mentioned she was going to take Diana down the hall to do a quick height and weight for us (so we can purchase or receive clothes when we get back to the States - then we would know what size she wears). We waited patiently.... and several moments later she emerged with Diana. Diana came down the hall holding out a piece of paper for us. SO CUTE! We said our goodbyes one more time to Diana.... until tomorrow.

Mel (P.S. if you haven't read it yet, below is another post from earlier today that describes her orphanage).