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Kyrgyzstan What?

We have been thinking about adoption since November 2007. We had tossed the idea around to a few people we knew had gone through adoption before or were adopted when they were younger. Until around Easter however, not many people knew - not even our family. Now that the application is signed, sealed and in the mail... our decision is out in the open and we want everyone to know all there is to know about why we chose to adopt and how the process is coming along. Everything down to the day we come home - I would like to try and update everyone with pictures and info.

"We have always known we wanted another child, a daughter, in our family... We feel very fortunate to be called to adoption. Every child deserves a family and deserves a chance to thrive. Heartstrings are definitely pulled when hearing or reading about children without a family or a home. We are eager to bring a child into our family – forever."
This is a direct quote from part of our narrative to our homestudy application that we thought we would share with everyone.

So onto the country. We have chosen a small country called Kyrgyzstan which is NorthEast of China. I have included a map above (this map is clickable to view a larger version, also see links in our M&M Links) to give you more information about the country itself. Many children are often abandoned at the orphanages or left in parks only to be brought in by strangers.
Children are usually of a Russian or Asian background. Sometimes, Caucasians are available. A toddler under 1 year of age is rare, but we would prefer a little girl between the age of 12 months and 24 months. Once we complete our homestudy (which our agency aims to complete in 90 days)... we will then need to complete a dossier for the foreign government. That process, including it being submitted and processed can take 3-5 months.

We have been given a timeline between 8-10 months, but as with any adoption (domestic or international) there can be changes. We hope that with everyones prayers, things will go smoothly and before this time next year, we will be home with a sister for Hayden.

As for traveling - we will need to pick up our daughter. Once we have been given a referral (this happens shortly after the processing of the dossier) we decide to accept the child (for those who an unfamiliar with a referral - it is a packet of information on a potential child with medical info and pictures). Once that happens, we travel a month or so after to "verify" our referral for a quick 2-3 day trip in the country. Then we wait more - I am uncertain off the top of my head how long, a few weeks I think until we travel again to bring our child home. This time, the trip is longer... 10 days, allowing us time to visit the country and collect our child's visa.

So you may be asking.... how do you pronounce this country - Kyrgyzstan? Say it like "kir-gi-stahn".


Craig said...

I'm SO happy for you guys!
I hope it works out and you get a daughter! I'm sure Hayden is excited as well. Say Hi to the kiddo for me!

Good luck!