Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Little Lady In Blue

We enjoyed our day with little D. We played outside again, and less mosquitoes were available for the filming. The weather was cool for the most part, but the sun did beam down on us for a bit making us roast like chickens. "D" didn't seem to mind, as long as we supplied entertainment, she was happy.

We walked her down the drive to the smaller park and asked her if she wanted to play on the swing. Knowing she had NO IDEA what we were saying, she still didn't seem keen on the whole "swing" thing and headed to the bench. We set our bag down and pulled out her fav - the "O" ball, of course. We tossed it back and forth for a few minutes, telling her she was doing a nice job and slapping "High Fives". What was so adorable, was if she gave Daddy a high five, she needed to give Mommy one too... and vice versa! :)

We also brought along a "My Little Pony"... which immediately caught her eye once we opened the bag the next time. She insisted on opening the box herself - not a surprise. Michael keeps telling me she and I are going to butt some heads when she gets older. Eh, like I'm not used to it now with Hayden? Anyhoo, she knew exactly what to do... she brushed the pony's hair, and even let Mommy had a crack at it. Once.

While she was playing "brush the pony" it gave us the chance to have her try on some shoes we bought in the U.S. She was an awesome customer. And if we would have let her down off my lap, I wouldn't have doubted for a second that she would have modeled them as she loved both pairs!

After modeling, it was snack time. We wanted to see if she would like a drink and some fish crackers (as they are a staple in my house, even though Hayden is 8). She couldn't have devoured it more! And if we would have let her keep going, I think we'd still be there. Though at first we kinda had to let her "know" it was food by doing some "mmmm mmmm" and chomping noises. Michael was worried at first she might choke. I had no fears.

Little D is very fond of our bag. So much so, she is starting to "help herself. So after snack, she decided to find herself something to play with. And she chose bubbles. Man, what were we thinking? I felt horrible letting her play with bubbles on her gorgeous blue dress, but there is no stopping her! So we tried to be careful. She enjoyed them so much, she said her 1st English word: Bubbles. Did u hear me? BUBBLES!!!

After that, nothing could compete. She tried coloring, it didn't last. She tried playing pony... it just wasn't enough. Magnadoodle... eh, that was so Friday mom. So we walked around and waved to Daddy. It was a fun game. To bad it had to end - it was time for us to go.

I picked her up and gave her kisses and hugs and she noticed I was wearing her favorite necklace. She played with it a tad and then we all three walked hand in hand back to the front of the orphanage. Ahhh, what a great day!

Tomorrow is court, wish us luck!!!