Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Peek a Boo...

We started our day today by being picked up by our driver at 9 AM to visit our daughter (so nice to say now that it is official) Deeana at the orphanage. When we arrived we were led to a new playground behind the orphanage. As we were waiting outside, Mel was the first to hear her footsteps approaching down the stairs.  We entered a little playground and took out the infamous O-Ball.  We all enjoyed a rousing game of catch, spinning the O-Ball, kicking the O-ball and let's throw the ball as far away from daddy as possible!

Then the O-Ball played peek-a-boo in the sandbox. Deeana loved burying it and then digging it back out again!  Soon a caretaker gave us a pail and shovel making the job much easier. We learned Deeana loves digging in the sand, putting it in her pail, and dumping most of it back in the sandbox (some of course landed on her shoes and pretty dress). We even brought out the My Little Pony and the brush, a couple of times she brushed her own hair.  Soon the brush and pony were playing peek a boo in the sandbox!

We played a few other things in between, but the moment we knew her attachment was becoming more real to us was when she climbed in mommy's lap and gave hug after hug after hug, and blowing kisses to both of us. We are looking forward to playing with her again tomorrow, and three more times next week.

Our next steps in the adoption process is a 10 day court mandated waiting period.  During the first week of August, we apply for her passport and her name change on her birth certificate. After we apply, it takes about 5 days to become official. Once that occurs we will most likely travel by train to Moscow (the airport is undergoing construction so we hear).  It will take 2 full days to apply for her visa and her last medical check-up, and then it is a nice long plane ride back home, where she will meet her big brother!

To round off our afternoon, we traveled to The Fountains of Peterhof. It was a gorgeous day to walk through the beautiful gardens and take pictures of the magnificent fountains adorning the grounds. Thank goodness for shade as it was a warm day by St. Petersburg standards.

And finally, the moment you all have been waiting for!!!
No more peek-a-boo little "D".


Laura said...

I am so happy for you both! What a wonderful time and news. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love you!

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable! Congratulations!!! I love her serious little expression - we adopted from St. Petersburg too, so it's fun to read along on your adventure of a lifetime. You must be so thrilled! Enjoy every moment -