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Breakfast or Butterflies?

Friday mornings are usually chaotic, and this Friday has proven to be no different. With a rough night sleep for me, Hayden and I wake to our regular Friday routine… wake, shower, dress, eat (in my case inhale food and put on makeup) and pack up to trek out to Hayden’s occupational therapist. The only difference today is the yuckiness I feel in my stomach…

Once home, I scramble before school to:

1. Assemble the rest of our dossier to be mailed once Hayden steps on the bus
2. Chug Lemon Lime soda (yuck)
3. Prepare for my business meeting tomorrow
4. Make Hayden lunch & school snack
5. Remind Hayden to bring a “Show & Tell” object that isn’t considered a weapon

At this point, my stomach was still feeling pretty sour and Hayden needed an explanation on why Mommy had skipped lunch. It must have been hilarious to be a fly on my wall when I was explaining to Hayden that I was anxious and nervous about mailing baby sister’s papers today. I don’t quite know if he understood, but I did my best.

Now sitting at home, catching up on Grey’s on the DVR, I am relieved that part 2 is now in the mail and should arrive in Cali by Tuesday morning. Even better, part 1 arrived today in Cali as I type – hopefully in one, easy to read piece.

Can’t say my stomach feels any better but our kitchen table is a little lighter.