Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Lazy Day

With part one in the mail and being processed - it's been a slow baby week. The replacement furniture came and the damaged set left. Michael can finally park in the garage after weeks of delay.

Hayden continues working hard at school, enjoying it just as much as the day before. He is getting over a cold, but still manages to chug along. He has been diligently practicing writing his name amongst other letters. (See pics in the slideshow) Reading is another past time Hayden is aiming for. He is excited to have finished his October reading list early and get his pizza reward. He is recognizing lots of little words and we are very proud.

Today we got a head start on our pumpkins. Every year we buy one for each of us, and an unusual one (usually a white one that I carve to look like a ghost) and this year we purchased one for Baby V. I managed to get 2 done today and Hayden was proud to help give me eyes, nose, and mouth descriptions. (Also in the slideshow)

I didn't get as much done as I wanted to this week. The kitties sure got their nap in. ;)
With Trick-Or-Treating this weekend we are left with a hole on Halloween. It always feels weird each year when the 31st actually rolls around and my door isn't ringing and my cats aren't hiding. Oh well, I'm sure we will manage to find something to do with our day. Maybe assemble Baby V's last bookcase... oye.

Though the reality of Baby V becomes more real everyday, the possibility of her coming home tomorrow leaves a gloom over our heads. While it could be any day or week or month before we hear who this wonderful young girl will be to grace our lives forever... we manage to keep chuggin' along. I give much credit to the many of families who have kept the patience and faith by continuing to read our blog. With that, as the days pass I visit my Kyrgyzstan (and some other countries) familiy blogs and am filled with joy and heartache. I wish these families the best and hope the news of our daughter arrives soon - with her being healthy and beautiful - like I imagine her to be everyday.

On that note, it's cold, it's time to cook dinner (oh boy-fun!) and I wish the cats would have saved me some room for a nap.