Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Spooky Times

We never have had much luck when it comes to electronics, furniture, appliances and services (hence one of the reasons why I had spent close to 2 weeks researching a new version of cable to switch from our awful satellite company). We went from not being able to watch TV (satellite) to now not being able to talk on the phone - static (new cable/phone company). Such a headache.

Meanwhile, our water heater breaks and a puddle (just a puddle thank goodness) is looming in our basement and past the threatening stage of the finished area. We spent several hours in panic mode soaking up water, worrying who to call, and how to pay for what we thought would be a new water heater. Thankfully though - it ended up just needing a valve replaced LOL. Too bad though that the technician forgot to put the airconditioner tubing back when he was done draining the water heater - thus another puddle in the storage area of our basement! This was not-so-quickly discovered when Michael noticed the hutch from our office desk was wet and ruined. Nice...

Anyway, the day prior to the madness Michael and our neighbor Dean put together Baby V's furniture. 4 out of 5 ain't bad right? The tall bookcase will need to be exchanged due to damage during shipping. When I will find time to do that, I don't know, let alone lift it.

Most importantly... the item that brings great pride to my frugal eye. I gave up on the hunt for the baby bedding of pink and brown butterflies and flowers. Though I ended up being able to special order the valance and even picked it up, the items can only be purchased at one place. So, since I spend a great time looking for deals and sometimes in auctions... I found a better deal and a better set! This one fits Baby V much better and is simply precious. Though it took several days to win (and much nights of almost wanting to throw the laptop when I'd lost) it is totally worth it in the end!

Next up, I have volunteered for Hayden's first school field trip - to a pumpkin farm. Unfortunately it is this Friday and I am hoping for nice weather, it's been chilly and we go rain or shine - yikes. He is super excited that the other kindergarten classes will be going as well, someone better remind me to bring my migraine medicine. ;)

Lastly, we are all decked out for Halloween, one of my most favorite holidays of the year. For those of you who don't know, or just read from across the country (or globe) I have a front window that is like a bay window - large enough for a bench seat. Every Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas I decorate with my collections... though Halloween is a little different. I have been creating new scenes since we moved here 2 years ago (3rd Halloween) and this year is a Pirate theme. If I can get a picture to come out, I will post it. (Though it proves hard to do).

On my "Ciao" note, I want to say there has been movement in Kyrgyzstan. Though we haven't heard much, we are hoping to hear some developing news on Friday. I will post soon to give an update. In addition, we are still waiting for our 171-H, though I received word that it shouldn't be much longer.

Ok, novel done. Take care and prayers! :)