Introducing our budding family. We hope you will enjoy watching us grow... and everything else under the sun. ;)

Mail Call

As I might have mentioned in the past, I have always been a fan of mail - not the bills kind though. But I'm quite favorable to the junk kind as long as it doesn't belong to someone else. :)

The past week and a half we have received 2 very important pieces of mail in our box and we are very proud to share. First one's first - our I-171H. This form states that we "are able to furnish proper care" to our daughter. Gotta love their wording. Last but not least... came the approval of our I600A - to allow us to get our visas in Almaty Kazakstan when we bring our daughter home. Two very important pieces of paperwork that if not received, well you know where I'm heading with this.

On another note, October is a busy month. Lots of bdays and fall activites to keep us moving. We recently went to our favorite pumpkin patch - we have visited every year since Hayden was in womb LOL. We nabbed our pumpkins, Hayden went on a few rides, all while I pouted over forgetting the camera. Someone tell me, do they make a drug for forgetfullness?

This weekend we will be celebrating Nana and Aunt Kelly's birthdays. Oddly enough Nana still thinks she's 29... (Golly mom, how is that even possible to be a year older than me? LOL). My sis will be turning the BIG 20. Hard to believe... :)

Hayden has finally gotten the hang of it that our town doesn't Trick-OR-Treat on Halloween. I explained that we do it differently so the Mommy's and Daddy's can be home from work and everyone can go together. I'm sure this is the reason, or close to it, but try explaining it to an anxious 5 year old who is dying to be Speed Racer but can't on the 31st... good thing school is having a party on that Friday!

And lastly, we moved Baby V's furniture to her room (I know, what's taken us sooo long...) however, in talking to the "store" it was purchased from, another item needs to be replaced. Oye. I'm hoping to get her room painted in the coming months and put the crib in. I'm assuming it will look more like a room then the heap of furniture it is now.

Ooooh, before I forget (sorry this is so long - though they usually are huh, I must write more frequently). I want to thank the man at the currency exchange. Though he may never read this I want people to know there is a man out there with a kind heart. The last two times we've needed a notary, we've went to him, he's done his thing (this time giving Hayden a lolly) and wished us goodluck. Though he only makes a buck a signature, this man just saved us another dollar. To him and everyone else that has sent prayers and kind words - Thank you.


Dodi Hochez said...

I SOOO excited for you guys! You are that much closer to the new baby!

Cindy Shafer said...

Mel - sounds like things have been crazy busy, but in a good way. Congrats for finally obtaining those pesky forms! The Shafer Family are praying that your reminaing wait will be a very short one! Cin